The Truth Is You Lied

Words And Music Written By Phillip Brazer  

Verse 1:
Somehow youíve changed 
Reinvented the game
Rearranged the blame

It doesnít matter just the same
Conquer and divide
All that matters is your side
Thereís no gray just black and white
Iím wrong youíre right  


Turned upside down
Canít tell the truth from lies
Your words go round and round
Your feet donít seem to touch the ground
Touch the ground
The truth is you lied

Verse 2:
Makes no sense at all
Iím the one to take the fall
Iím sorry to say

Maybe itís better this way
I lost you win
Iíll take it square on the chin
Guess Iíll bear it and grin

Cause giving up ainít a sin

Repeat Chorus:


Oh, oh, oh, the truth is you lied
The truth is you lied
Oh Oh Oh, you lier
You liar, Oh Oh Oh, you liar, you lied, you liar
The truth is you lied, the truth is you lied, the truth is you lied